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BP and Godin Session Custom TriplePlay (LP)

BP and Godin Session Custom TriplePlay (LP)

Keith by Bill Purse featuring Fishman TriplePlay. Flute – Don Aliquo Sr. Synthesizer Bass – J. Hoffmann. Dedicated to Keith Richards.

Reappearance by Bill Purse. Arranged by Bill Purse and Ronuel Viera. Theremin – Bill Purse. Godin Session Custom TriplePlay Guitar – Bill Purse.

Solo Guitarist

“Bill Purse is a nationally distinguished performer who integrates virtuoso guitar skills with state-of-the-art music technology. A top-flight guitarist and vocalist, his wide range of musical experiences from rock, to Broadway, to Vegas shows, to the jazz concert stage allow Bill to bring years of professional experience to all of his multifaceted musical performances.” -Bob Benedetto



Round Midnight:

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One Man Orchestra

Bill Purse handles a wide variety of musical styles from jazz to classical to rock to contemporary and pop with his original computerized digital backing tracks that create his own unique “One Man Orchestra” approach to live performance. He is a distinguished musician who has successfully conquered music from both the artist and technological perspective, and pioneers the meeting of the two in performance and the recording studio.


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Bill has gained national recognition for his skills as a bassist and under his talented fingers he has performed with national and international acts throughout the world.

Theme From Mash

Spiritualle – Toot Suite:

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Bill Purse plays this unique instrument in electro-acoustic and acoustic settings. He has appeared with the Washington Symphony as a featured soloist where he performed two works 1: Concerto for Theremin and Orchesta, On Themes from Dr. Who – Main Them, Doomsday arr by Andrew Adams, World Premiere, I Am the Doctor; Overture to Out of the Air by Lynn Emberg Purse (from an opera on the life of Leon Theremin) conducted by Yugo Ikatch. Bill has also performed his piece, Reappearance (arr by Ronuel Viera), with the Duquesne University Electronic Ensemble. Listen to Bill play theremin on Reappearance above.

Dr. Who Concerto for Theremin arranged by M. Gold and A. Adams. Performed with the Washington, PA Symphony conducted by Yugo Ikach

Out of Air Overture by Lynn Emberg Purse. Performed with the Washington, PA Symphony conducted by Yugo Ikach

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Bill Purse is a composer of contemporary works for symphony orchestra, symphonic wind band, large jazz ensemble, solo and chamber instrumental works. He has creatively written music from both the acoustic and electronic perspective, and gained wide recognition for his compositions that are musical interpretations of his Western Pennsylvania home.


Orchestral – Symphonic Band

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Allegheny Sketches – 2004 (Concerto for Guitar and Wind Symphony) Guitarist Ken Karsh, Duquesne University Wind Symphony – Dr. Robert C. Cameron Conductor

-Last Tango In Pittsburgh (1st Movement) Click for PDF score.

-Tomb of the Unknown Bowler (2nd Movement) Click for PDF score.

-Hindemith Runs Amok in Homestead (3rd Movement) Click for PDF score.

Kennywood’s Open – 2006 (originally commissioned by North Hills School Symphonic Band – Conducted by Dave Matthews world premier) Recording features “Catch 22” with computer playback for acoustic instruments. Symphonic version commissioned by Yugo Ikach for Washington, PA Symphony 2008 world premiere. Click for PDF score.

-Ferris Wheel (1st Movement)

-Tilt-A-Whirl (2nd Movement)

-Merry-Go-Round (3rd Movement)

-Noah’s Ark (4th Movement)

-Potato Patch (5th Movement)

-The Turtle & Wave Swinger (6th and 7th Movements)

-Laff In The Dark & Turtle Reprise (8th and 9th Movements)

-The Racer & Riders Must Be At Least 46″ Tall (10th and 11th Movements)

Adana – Bill Purse & Lynn Emberg Purse 2003 World Premiere (Butler Symphony – Betsy Health-Charles Conductor) For Orchestra and jazz Ensemble “Catch 22”. Click for PDF score.

Jazz Ensembles

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Have You Met Mr. Jones – 2011 For Jazz Ensemble (Sean Jones – Trumpet, Bill Purse – Guitar, Ken Kovach – Electric Bass, Edward Kocher – Trombone, Bill Kuhn – Drums, Mike Tomaro Sax and Arranger)

Reappearance – 1996 (Jazz Guitar Ensemble for “Catch 22”) Click for PDF score.

Opening Road – 2011 (Mike Tomaro Sax, David Cutler Piano, Bill Purse 12 String Guitar, George Jones Percussion)


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OHS – 2011 (Featuring Bill Purse on Theremin)

Pavane For A Departed PC – 2011 (Theremin & Fretless Guitar)

Solo & Small Group Works

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Rainforest – 2011 (Solo Guitar) Click for PDF score.

Shearer Energy – 2011 (Acoustic Guitar Duet) Bill Purse & Tom Kikta

Fuzzy Logic – 2005 (Flute & Trombone Commissioned by Ben Holste) Click for PDF score.


Sonic Art – Bill Purse Solo Album

Bill Purse Photo Gallery

Bill Purse YouTube Channel

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